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Scheduled Sales at the Auction
Attend our Regular Auctions for Cattle and smaller livestock sales beginning at 9:00 am with Household and miscellaneous items sold indoors. Hogs, sheep and goats sell at 10:30 am. Cattle at 11:00 am.

Remember! Check our Sales Calendar regularly for schedule changes, additional sales, photos and more.

Horse & Tack Sales as announced.
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Market Reports
On Thursday Oct 1st/15 469 head of livestock went through the ring at Valley Auction. Donna Anderson from Westbridge 7 head of 643 lb black steers 249.00, Donna’s 546 lb steers 268.50, Blaeberry Farm Estates 2336 lb red bull 132.50, Alf Bonneau from Vernon 714 lb steers 241.00, Alf’s 562 lb heifer calves 250.00, Russ Bartman from Salmon Arm 537 lb Hereford steer calves 255.00, Brandon and Shawna Blaine from Westbridge 641 lb steers 241.00. Maurice Bosovich from Westbridge 22 head of 608 lb red x steers 260.00, Maurice’s 548 lb steers 269.00, Ed Columbus from Vernon 868 lb yearling heifers 195.00, Ed Holt from Lake Country 561 lb steers 265.00, Laurie Haller from Armstrong 3 head of 432 lb steers 294.00, Laurie’s 5 head of 478 lb heifers 284.00. Ty Hascarl from Nakusp 6 red bull calves 260.00, James Krebbers from Armstrong 716 lb black steers 233.00, James 690 lb heifers 220.00. Jim McFarlane from Edgewood 5 head of 636 lb steers 247.00, Jim’s 5 head of 580 lb heifer calves 244.00, Eric Matthews from Meadow Creek 4 head of 637 lb bull calves 244.50, Erik’s 524 lb bull calves 268.00, Tony Meggait from Armstrong 6 head of 574 lb heifers 248.00, Dennis Overend from Vernon 12 head of RWF 948 lb steers 220.00, Randy and Wendy Prebushewski from Cherryville 32 head of 625 lb black steers 257.00, 22 head of Randy and Wendy’s 532 lb steers 271.50, Dwayne Schutte from Kelowna 702 lb black heifers 218.00, Byron Siddal from Falkland 589 lb bull calves 255.00, Brenda Terbasket 488 lb heifers 256.00, Ken Terbasket from Keremeos 630 lb black steers 251.25, Catherine Wheeler from Lake Country 965 lb heifer 201.00.
Valley Auction staff and the Raffan family would like to thank all the consignors and buyers for their loyal support.

P. J. Raffan

Thursday, October 1 2015 - See the full market report here.

Thursday September 24th 291 head of livestock went through the ring at Valley Auction.

Paul & Elizabeth Windmill from Rock Creek 2 char x butcher cows 125.00, Reg Schweb from Lumby 8 head of red angus/semi x 729 lb steers 252.00, 10 head of Reg’s 620 lb steers 267.25, Reg’s 8 head of 619 lb heifers 256.00, Floyd Eby from Enderby 330 lb heifer calf 300.00, Barry Gerlib from Enderby 2 RWF 528 lb heifer calves 279.00, Barry’s 536 lb BWF heifer calves 267.00. Marilyn Gabriel from Vernon 466 lb black steer 278.00, Ruby Gertsch from Golden B.C. 2 head 917 lb Simmental bulls 204.00, Rudy’s 3 head of Simmental 831 lb heifers 226.00, Ed Holt from Lake Country 10 head of 558 lb steers 292.50, Lorne Hulley from Vernon 3 head of 717 lb Angus steers 247.50, Lorne’s 633 lb black steers 260.25. Trevor and Angie Keenan from Vernon 4 head of Black Angus 638 lb steers 263.00, The Keenan’s 4 head of 555 lb heifers 256.00. Otto Mulzet 1254 lb RWF cow 123.00, Otto’s 302 lb bull calf 360.00, Ed Mertion red 630 lb heifer calf 226.50. Jock Mcarthur from Armstrong 4 head of 328 lb steers 330.00, Roy Pedersen from Fauquier 476 lb steer calf 270.0, Clint Quesnel from Lumby 439 lb heifers 272.00, Warren Schweb from Salmon River 616 lb black steers 270.50, The Schweb’s 497 lb black heifers 271.50. Anita and Jim Soroka from Edgewood 11 head of 862 lb steers 245.00, Anita’s 5 head of 792 lb red heifers 230.00, Walter Soroka from Edgewood 11 head of 739 lb steers 262.75, Mark Sault from Enderby 797 lb steers 240.00, The Shiell’s from Fauquier 3 head of 1021 lb steers 213.50, The Shiell’s 861 lb red heifers 223.00. Jack Steiger 549 lb steers 291.00, Ted Steiger from Yankee Flats 483 lb steers 299.00, Ted’s 461 lb heifers 294.00, Alex Schilter from Lumby 324 lb bull calf 345.00, Alex’s 393 lb heifer calves 291.00.

Valley Auction and the Raffan family would like to thank all the consignors and buyers for their loyal support.

Sincerely, P.J. Raffan

Thursday, September 24 2015 - See the full market report here.

Minburn Angus 18th Annual Production Sale

Thursday, March 26 2015 in Minburn Alberta. See the full catalogue here.
Sandy Bar Ranch
Visit the Sandy Bar Ranch Events Website for information about their 37th Annual Short Grass Bull & Female Sale on April 18th 2015 in Aneroid Saskatchewan.
Global News: 100 Horses Auctioned Off in the Okanagan
See the full story here: 100 Horses Auctioned Off in the Okanagan
P&H Rancing Co. Ltd. Bull & Horse Sale - February 21

Ole Farms 10th Anniversary Family Day Sale - February 16 2015

Lazy S Ranch Sale - January 31st
Lazy S Ranch Sale

Lazy S Ranch Bull Sale Results

Great western hospitality was shown by the Ainsworth family with an evening before supper and a beef lunch. The sale was attended by one of the largest crowds in the last 10 years approx 200 bulls sold through the ring and were on internet display by DLMS marketing Mr. Mark Shologan.

The High selling bull was lot # 51 a Black Simmental Lazy S Black Superior 201B for $16,000.00. Second high seller was lot # 91 Lazy S Black Just Meat 72B for $11,000.00, Lot #189 GTA Black Hoover 724B was the high selling Black Angus for $10,000.00.

2 Bulls shared the high selling position in the Red Simmental section Lot # 4 Lazy S Red Linedrive 568B and Lot # 37 Lazy S Red Caesar 33B both selling at $9750.00, The high selling Red Angus Bull was lot # 156 Red NLDA Lazy S 763B for $8000.00.

Two Black Beef Maker bulls tied for the high seller at $ 8250.00 they were lot # 124 GTA Black Beef Maker 623B a ½ Sim and ½ Angus and Lot # 137 GTA Black Beef Maker 612B a 3/8 Sim and 5/8 Angus. The Red Beef Maker high selling bull was Lot # 149 Lazy S Red Beef Maker 938 B for $8000.00.

The commercial bred Heifer averaged $3500.00.
Over sale average on the bulls was $6550.00

Auctioneers D.J. Raffan & P.J. Raffan
Anchor D Ranch Sale - February 15th
Anchor D Ranch Sale

Happy 88th Birthday Margaret!
Come help us celebrate Margaret Raffan's 88th birthday on a regular sale day Saturday, January 24 2015. See the invitation here!
Global News: Meat prices expected to rise
Watch Global News: Meat prices expected to rise
Looking back on 2014, ahead to 2015
2014 was a positive and pivotal year for Valley Auction and the Cattle Industry. Cattle Prices went to levels not seen in history and producers got paid for their hard work. A very upbeat positive atmoshere was felt by all of us involved in the industry. The future looks very bright and encouraging for Agriculture. A big Thank you to all our loyal Customers.

The Raffan Family

Wishes All of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year and look forward to seeing everyone in 2015.
Brian Sutter

Brian Sutter Hockey Legend 1000 games in the NHL Inducted into saint Louis Blues Hall of Fame.
CFIA Warning, December 2014
Please note Valley Auction Ltd. has been asked by the CFIA to warn everyone about the bird flu going around.
Vernon's Dream Auction raises $195,000
Dream Auction

See the full story on the Vernon Morning Star's website.
Sales at the Auction
Saturday, October 25 2014 - See the full market report here.

View our photo gallery from our Oct 25th Sale

From left: Joe Farris, Peter Raffan, Don Raffan, Gord Collier and Jerry McCarty.
Left is Tom Bews Canadian Rodeo Legend with his purchase Hip no. 7 $19,000.00, in the middle kneeling is Rory Patten horseman and on the right is Donald. J. Raffan Auctioneer.

Left is Tom Bews Canadian Rodeo Legend with his purchase Hip no. 7 $19,000.00, in the middle kneeling is Rory Patten horseman and on the right is Donald. J. Raffan Auctioneer.
Patten Pollitt Horse Sale Results
This sale will go down as one of my career highlights not only was it a dandy to sell the people I worked for are so exceptional. Great horsemen and dear friends I sold the sale with the greatest confidence that the people buying the horses are getting “The Real Deal,” and the sellers are straight up presenting the horses for exactly what they are. Thank you to the Patten’s and Pollitt’s and all consignors for a great sale day.

Patten-Pollitt performance horse sale results, From Sunday August 17/2014

Approx 50 head of horses were presented and demonstrated to a huge crowd of horse enthusiast’s at the Pollitt Ranch. All the horses were presented in show shape and were in great condition for the sale. Hip no 1 Chief A 1997 seasoned head horse sold for $7700.00 to Jerry Lalonde of Fort St. John. Hip no 2 Champ An 04 finished Heading Horse or Heel Horse sold for $12,000.00 to William Van Loon of Lacombe Alta. Hip no 3 Big Bad Bodee an 06 Gray Gelding head/heel or ranch sold for $26,000.00 to Glen Willsie of Caroline Alta. Hip no 5 Genuine Fly Dun An 06 Buckskin Gelding used for Heading, Heeling or Ranch work sold for $27,000.00 to Eddie Anderson of Rocky Mountain House. Hip no 7 Jackzippoinvestment An 06 Palomino Gelding head/heel or Ranch work sold for $19,000.00 to Tom Bews of Longview Alta. Hip no 9 Peppys Holly Poco An 04 Bay Gelding head/Heel & Ranch sold for $ 18,500.00 to David Johner of Maidstone Sask. Hip no 10 Tofino Bay An 07 Gelding Head or Ranch sold for $ 18,000.00 to Griff Gaudin. Hip no 14 Horton’s Rebel Chex An 07 Buckskin Gelding Head/ Heel or Ranch sold for $ 21,000.00 to Lorrie McMeekin of Rocky Mountain House.
These horses were the top 5 high sellers. Averaging $ 22,300.00.

Hip 3- $ 26,000.00
Hip 5- $ 27,000.00
Hip 7- $ 19,000.00
Hip 9- $ 18,500.00
Hip 14- $ 21,000.00

This was an exceptional sale of good horses. Represented by very good people of high moral standards. All of us appreciated the hard work the sale crew did and very importantly the great horsemanship that was done to make the sale a success.

Donald. J. Raffan
Horse Sale Results - Bar Heart Ranch, Irma AB
Bar Heart Ranch Sale, Irma ABA large crowd was in attendance for this sale. A warm Family atmosphere was present and many horse enthusiasts travelled great distances to attend this reputation sale.

Hip 19 Smart N Dandy Kid. A 5 year old gelding by Smart Little Kid and DB Lockin Dandy Oak Sold for $18,000.00 to Tony Friemark.

Hip 30 was a Bennett Ranch consignment DF Cloverleaf Jack by I’m not a Blue Boy and DF Docs Dreamer. A 5 year old Gelding and sold for $13,500.00 to Tony Friemark also.

Hip 10 Billy’s Bouncing Badger. A 6 year old Gelding consigned by the Bar Heart Ranch and sold for $10,750.00 to Brent Horn.

Hip 37 Rally Time. A 16 year old Grey Gelding consigned by Casey Lawes also sold for $10,750.00 to the Saunders Family.

Overall sale average on the mature Gelding’s was $7,103.00
Soaring Beef Prices
"If you like barbequing steak or burgers, you better be prepared to pay more for your red meat."... See Valley Auction's Don Raffan on Global News: Soaring Beef Prices (Video)
Sandy Bar Ranch Sale
Sandy Bar Ranch April 19 2014Click Here for Sale Results from the Sandy Bar Ranch sale in Aneroid, Saskatchewan Canada that took place April 19 2014. (Adobe PDF Format)
Bar 4 A Cattle Co. Bull Sale (Dawson Creek)
Bar 4 A Cattle Co.A very large crowd of enthusiastic buyers and supporters packed the VJV Dawson Creek sale yard. The crowd was treated to a just class catered dinner before the bull sale.

The sale kicked off with lot 15A a red bar 4A mission bull with a 75lb BW he sold for $5000.00 second in the ring was 16A Red bar 4A herc and he sold for $4800.00. The high seller was lot 34Z who goes back to the Geis Kodiak 10T and he sold for $5600.00.

The sale was very consistant with price and 46 bulls sold with an average of $3995.00.

Donald. J. Raffan
P & H Ranching Co. Ltd. Bull and Gelding sale

P & H Charolais. Circle G Simmentals & Angus. Alkali Lake Angus.

60 head of Char Bulls average $6650.00 high seller was lot 21 PH Kid Rock 19Z sold for $ 11,500.00.

Circle G Simmentals & Angus Red Simmental bulls average $ 6711.00 high seller was lot 63 Circle G Ace 32A sold for $ 17,500.00. Red Angus average $4035.00 high seller was lot 78 Red CG Vault 89Z sold for $ 4750.00. Black Angus bulls average $4450.00 high seller was lot 88 Circle G Approval 52A sold for $ 6200.00 as well as lot 94 Circle G Able 66A sold for $ 6200.00 also.

Alkali Lake Angus bull average was $ 5158.00 high seller was lot 99 Hills of home Mo Co 324A sold for $ 9250.00.

11 head of ranch Geldings high selling horse was lot 112 R Bar Fritz Got Class consigned by Will Mackinaw and sold for $ 8750.00

Donald J Raffan
Ole Farm Bull Sale
160 Black and Red Angus Bulls Averaged $ 3847.00.
180 Commercial Angus Bred Heifers averaged $1800.00
A huge crowd was in attendance the 9th annual Family Day sale of Ole Farms. The hospitality was over the top. The Olson family served a great dinner to all the visitors, and the entire family participated in the sale.
Donald J Raffan
Rotary Dream Auction 2013
Don Raffan and Peter Raffan at the Kal Rotary Dream Auction

A high point of Vernon's social calendar, the 29th annual Kalamalka Rotary Dream Auction was a resounding success.

The gala event at the Best Western Vernon Lodge raised a whopping $180,000 for charitable organizations Saturday.

"Our expectations were greatly exceeded. I can't believe the support," said Taylor Dedora, event chairperson.

More than 450 people attended the event, which included dinner and the auction.

Keeping the bids moving were Don and Peter Raffan, of Valley Auction.

"I can't thank the Raffans enough," said Jerry Tellier, Kalamalka Rotary Club president.

"They're here for us every year. They know the crowd and they do an extraordinary job of maximizing the bidding."

The highest ticket item this year was the fishing and golf trip to Campbell River with private airfare provided by the Kal Tire Jet. It sold for $10,500. Dozens of other items also sold above their retail value.

"I'd like to thank all of the sponsors of our auction and of course all of the people who attended the auction and opened their pocketbooks for charity," said Dedora.

"Our community is second to none in generosity and support and our club could not be more proud to be a part of it."

The club's donations committee will meet during the next 60 days to review funding applications received from charitable groups.

"Raising this amount of money will allow the club to financially assist dozens of worthy projects," said Dedora.

Groups interested in receiving financial assistance should visit to determine if they qualify and how to complete the online funding application.
Anchor D Ranch Simmentals Sale
Anchor D Ranch Simmentals

Anchor D Ranch Simmentals of Rimbey Alberta hosted their annual genetic edge Bull sale on February 7/2014. The temperature outside was a cool -28 but the sale had a warm atmosphere inside. The Sheels family hosted a gourmet steak dinner catered by Bob Ronnie of Panoka. The sale barn was filled to capacity with a very enthusiastic crowd of buyers. Lot number 28 was the first bull on offer he was Anchor D Moloka ‘1 25Z a son of Barbossa 707X and Anchor D Sarah 25X 1400lbs and a 38 scrotal and sold for $11,000.00. Lot number 29 was second in, he was Anchor D Tortuga 60Z also a son of Barbossa 707x and out of Anchor D Jennifer 60X, he weighed 1430lbs and had a scrotal of 35.5 and sold for $18,000.00 both bulls were polled full fleckrich. Lot number 1 was Anchor D Admiral 111Z a razzmatazz son and out of Anchor D Saphire 111S he was a February 25/2012 bull weighing 1895lbs and measured 43.5 scrotal, this particular bull was of exceptional confirmation full of red meat he sold for a very reasonable price of $7,100.00. Lot number 75 was the lead off bull in the Purebred section ad he was Anchor D Sonic 139A a red son of wolfman 395X and out of Anchor D Shiraz 139S he weighed 1365lbs measured 38.5 and sold for $15,000.00. In total 84 bulls walked through the ring and were displayed on video. An average of $5,096.00.

A big Thank you to all buyers and bidders at the sale.

D J Raffan
Lazy S Ranch Sale
Lazy S Ranch Bull Power Sale

The Lazy S 2014 bull sale was held on Jan 25th with a + 10 degree temperature and sunny skies. The Ainsworth family presented 204 Lazy S bred bulls with proven performance working genetics. The lead off bull has lot # 1 Lazy S black Superior 207A and sold for 7500.00, the second bull in the ring was lot # 3 GTA black Superior 231A and he sold for 6750.00. With the momentum building lot #5 GTA black 203A sold for 7800.00.The first pen of Lazy S Red Simmental Bulls. Bulls started off very strong with lot #71 Destiny 981A selling for 12000.00. The second bull in the ring was lot #87 destiny 39A and he traded for 9300.00, Lot #88 followed he was Hustler 374Aand sold for 9000.00. The high selling bull of the entire sale was lot # 84 Red destiny 598A and he sold for 15,000.00.

2 bulls tied for high selling black beefmaker bulls. Lot # 120 ¾ simm ¼ Angus sold for 7400.00 and lot # 125 7/8 simm 1/8 Angus sold for 7400.00. Lot # 167 a red beefmaker bull ¾ simm and ¼ Angus sold for 7000.00. 2 black Angus bulls shared the high selling spot for their breed and they were lot #’s 189 GTA black biz 702A a S A V Bismark 5682 son out of a tiger daughter and lot #190 GTA black up 82A a sitz upward 307R son and out of black NLDS 330W a Belvin phenom 79’04 daughter both bulls sold for 7200.00 a piece. The high selling red Angus bull was red NLDA Lazy S 715A a red red- rock unique 38x by a red NLDA 733W cow he sold for 6400.00.

The sale was very strong and a large enthusiastic crowd was in attendance. The DLMS crew with Mark Shologan were in attendance with 33 bulls selling via video. The overall average was $4732.00

Donald J. Raffan Auctioneer
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